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i n   y o u r   h a n d s
04 August 2020 @ 10:00 am
i suppose it's about time i put up one of these. listed in chronological order.

all the toys on displayCollapse )

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i n   y o u r   h a n d s
29 October 2011 @ 01:38 pm
: how to train your zombie to not eat brains
: yunho/changmin | pg-13
: yunho adopts himself a zombie
was supposed to be for the homin comm's halloween fic contest last year. it got out of hand and i lost steam. :(

zombie training manualCollapse )
i n   y o u r   h a n d s
29 September 2010 @ 07:20 pm
: all the steps up to your door
: yunho-centric; yunho/changmin, ot5 | pg
: they pour their hearts into their letters; he returns them with a smile
: for kpop_ficmix, originally posted here. remix of nobetterpicture's fic.

they’d sit, pressed thigh-to-thigh on the subwaysCollapse )
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i n   y o u r   h a n d s
: back to the basics (i.e. changmin's doorsteps)
: jaejoong/changmin | pg
: hyunjoong kicks jaejoong out, so he decides to crash at changmin's for a week
: for swallowtt as a birthday present ♥

like, you have worse style than junsuCollapse )
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